Truly Rich Club Alert: Nothing is wrong with SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)

Just to share with you an update about SMPH.

As you can see today SMPH (SM Prime Holdings), one of our favorite stocks went down by 21%.  Truly Rich Club members were advised not to panic because nothing is wrong with SMPH.  According to the latest update, SMPH is giving a 25% Stock Dividend so its new price is already adjusted today.

New shares (dividends) will be credited on your portfolios by June.  So there’s nothing to worry about this loss.  Everything will be fine by June.

Stock Alert: Keep Buying

Here is a stock alert from the truly rich club c/o Bo Sanchez.  Yesterday, the stock market begins to decline.  Some of my favorite stocks are in red zone (loss/negative).  But I don’t need to worry because I bought shares of gigantic companies that will surely last 10-20 years from now.  I hope you’re doing the same.  By the way, here’s the stock alert to keep you updated:

I just thought of consoling you today. Especially if you’re new to Stock
Market investing.

It was a beautiful “red” day yesterday at the Stock Market. All our
favorite Stocks were down. Some new TrulyRichClub Members were probably
worried, asking themselves, “Oh no. Why is this happening? All my nice
profits are now all gone! I shouldn’t have listened to Bo Sanchez!”

Relax. I assure you: Your profits will come back. Just wait for a month
or two, and those profits will return, bringing a few more pesos with

Last month, we mentioned that these “down” days were coming. (Remember
our analogy of a runner who has climbed up the mountain and now needs to
rest for awhile? That’s what’s happening now. The Stock Market rose up so
much since January, it needs to rest a bit.)

We foresee that this downward and sideways movement will go on for 3 or 4
or 5 weeks. (No one really knows exactly when.) This is a beautiful time
to go shopping and buy our fantastic companies at cheaper prices.

Someone asked me, “But Bo, what if the share prices goes even lower 3
weeks from now? Shouldn’t I just wait for that time before buying?”

My answers: First of all, we don’t know what will really happen 3 weeks
from now. (Ours is simply an intelligent guess.)

And 10 years from now, it won’t matter much. It’s up to you when you want
to buy—now or two weeks from now or three weeks from now. The important
thing is that you faithfully buy EACH MONTH.

Have fun shopping at sale prices.
May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Stocks Alert: Sell NIKL

This stocks update was issued last Friday, March 23.  It’s about Nickel Asia (NIKL) sell advice from the club.  Below is the detailed information from Bo.

Today, I’m asking you to sell it.

Let me explain.  The reason why NIKL shot up was because Indonesia issued an export ban for nickel.  So that leaves the Philippines as the biggest nearby source of nickel for China.  So initially, we suggested that you hold NIKL because we feel it’ll go higher soon.

But after much thought, we believe that there are better places to put our money—because of one reason: China’s growth may slow down—and its hunger for nickel may slow down too.  (Obviously, no one can be sure of these things.   We can only guess.)

We’re not saying Nickel Asia will go down.  (Gosh, we could be totally wrong and the price go even higher.)  Nickel Asia’s future is very bright.   But because of other options available to us, we can sell NIKL now and transfer our money to other recommended companies (such as MEG).  Perhaps in the future, we’ll recommend that you buy NIKL again.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Stocks Update Alert: Sell ALI Now


Bo sends stocks update sell alert for ALI since it almost reached the target price.
We have given 2 options below:

Option 1: Sell all; invest in our other 9 recommended companies.

Option 2: Sell half and keep half—just in case ALI goes up higher, you
still gain. If ALI goes down, sell all.

Happy investing!


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