Remembering the fire

Today marks the 17th year after the tragedy happened in the place where I grew up: Brgy. Corazon de Jesus, San Juan city.  Our sari-sari store (mini-grocery) was affected and totally burned.  The thing is, it’s where our income is coming.  Because of this, my schooling was stopped for a year.  I’m in my 2nd year taking up an engineering course when this happens.  And because the Estrada government allowed all residents to re-construct the house, we grab the chance and use whatever we have to build a new house and start over again.  It was very hard from the start.  I worked as bus boy in The Landmark food center in Makati to help generate income and use my earnings as capital in our new sari-sari store.  My younger brother and eldest sister did the same thing.

Pinaglabanan Church in San Juan City

Looking back today, after 17 years I realized problems and trials are really a part of “growing up”.  Big problems we’ve gone through seem so far away.  I was just laughing when I think about them today.  I realized problems make my family stronger and taught us a lot of lessons.  I won’t be like this today if I didn’t gone through those obstacles that made me strong and explore other opportunities that life can offer.