Healing Habit #1: Take Your Morning Power Drink

This article is a free eReport from Bo Sanchez issued last February 2011.  Its quiet long article but I believe worth of your time reading.  Here it is…

Each morning, I do a number of habits that are very healthy for me.
I pray.
I kiss my wife. (Marowe says that’s the healthiest thing I do the entire day and I don’t argue with her.)
I do my Tai Chi.
I take a walk around my village, while shooing stray dogs with my 3-foot bamboo stick.
And then I have this simple thing that I do which has blessed my health in a profound way.
I take my Morning Power Drink.
And just to remove your fears: No, I’m not recommending a drug, a food supplement, or an MLM product.
This morning habit of mine is something that’s available in your local market for a few pesos.
All you have to do is get it from the palengke (market), cut it, squeeze it, put it in a glass, and drink it.
Every morning.
When I did this, it had a profound impact on my health.
After doing this simple morning habit for more than a year now, I feel my immune system is so much
And the great thing about it is that it’s so simple!
This morning habit was taught to me by my health mentor.
Let me tell you more about him.

I Thought I Was Healthy Enough

For 18 years now, I’ve been a semi-vegetarian.
I still eat fish. But for these past 18 years, I no longer eat chicken, pork, or
beef. So obviously, I felt quite proud about how I took care of my health.
Until I met my health mentor.
Let me tell you something shocking: My health mentor hasn’t been sick for the past 24 years. He’s the
healthiest man I know that’s walking on planet earth.
Like me, he’s an entrepreneur missionary. Together with his lovely wife, they go around the world sharing
God’s love.
But for decades now, he’s also been a serious student of health. He’d even fly to Korea and China to learn
from world-renowned masters.
When my health mentor and I started talking more frequently, he challenged my health habits.

Oh believe me, he’s changed a lot of my health habits.
Because of these habit changes, I feel so much stronger today. I rarely get sick. If I do, I bounce back in
one day. It’s just amazing.
People ask me how I’m able to do all that I do. If you know a little bit of my work, you know the heavy
load I carry. I run nine non-profit organizations. I own 12 businesses. I speak 300 times a year. I write 80 articles
a month.
And I need to keep up with my two nuclear-powered boys that love to run and swim and jump and play.
I’m so thankful I’m healthier now—because I want to keep serving God.
I’ve written for you 52 Healing Habits that have blessed my health in dramatic ways. (To join my 52
Healing Habits Program, log on at 52HealingHabits now)
But in this report, I’d like to share the first habit to you.

The Power Drink Nature Gave Us

It’s now my Power Drink of choice.
The wonderful thing about it is that it’s fresh.
Because I prepare it at home.
It’s cheap. It doesn’t come from a factory.
Instead, I buy it from the local market.
Please don’t be shocked by how simple it is.
The older I get, the more I realize that if you want to solve your
problems, you should look first at simple solutions. It’s the simple things that
have the most profound effects in our life.
Let me quote a story I wrote in my book, Awaken the Healer in You. (By the way, you’ll get this book when
you join my 52 Healing Habits Program. For more information, click here.)

Simple Works

When we were traveling in Shanghai, my 84-year-old mother got sick. (Yep, at her age, she still travels!)
When she came home, she got worse. She was coughing non-stop, felt very weak, couldn’t sleep, and had
pain in her ribcage.
When my sisters brought her to the clinic, the doctor gave her top-of-the-line antibiotics. They were
expensive and powerful. She took one tablet before she slept.
The next morning, she felt terrific. “It’s a miracle,” she said, “I feel so good. The antibiotic worked.”
That day, my health mentor visited us. He looked at my mother, and said, “Mommy, I want you to take a
megadose of vitamin C.”
My sister asked, “What brand?”
My health mentor laughed. “When I say megadose of vitamin C, I don’t mean swallowing a pill. I’m
talking about eating fruits and drinking fresh fruit juices. Osterize them. Drink juices many times everyday!”
Here’s what happened.
My mother didn’t listen to him. Nor did any of my sisters who were staying with her.
Why? Because the antibiotic was working.
Or so they thought.
The next day, the “miracle” wore off and she got worse.
Her coughing got worse. Her pains got worse. Despite taking powerful antibiotics everyday.
After one week, she was a wreck.
Mom hates hospitals. But that morning, she felt so bad, she woke up and said, “Bring me to the hospital.
I can’t take it anymore.”
But that day, my health guru visited again.
And he asked her, “Mommy, did you take your fresh fruit juices?”
Mom shook her head.
My sisters said, “Ooops, we forgot.”
My health teacher scolded us, “What happened? Mommy, please take your juices, non-stop, everyday.”

Healing from Simple Fresh Fruits
That day, we gave her fresh fruit juices.
Many times a day. We’d take the fruits, chucked them in a blender, and poured the juice into a glass.
Simple.  That was her main food the next few days.

And would you believe?
In two to three days, she was cured!
Here’s our problem.
We don’t like simple solutions.
We like it when the solution is complicated.
It’s more believable.
Like costly pills.
A trip to the hospital.
An expensive medical test.
But when we hear the words, “Eat fruits”, we think it’s old wives tale.
But scientists are now telling us it’s NOT old wives tales.
Just last January, a group of food scientists proved that mango—in an experiment made in a laboratory—
fought the cells of breast and colon cancer.
For years, scientists have been saying that bananas are effective against hypertension, depression, digestive
problem and a host of other diseases. And ripe bananas have cancer-fighting elements.
For years, pineapples have been known to have powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
Ordinary fruits that we take for granted because they’re so available.

My Daily Power Drink

Are you ready?
Here’s my morning habit: I drink pure calamansi (small citrus fruit).
Twenty eight (28) pieces of calamansi to be exact.
No added water or sugar.
I buy them at the local market.
I go home, squeeze the 28 pieces all into a glass, and drink.
That’s it!

The morning power drink

(There are other very important “rules” about my Morning Habit
which I will explain fully at the end of this eReport. Don’t miss them.)
I’ve taught this morning habit to many friends.
And many of them who tried it love what it has done to their bodies.
Take the case of my own sister. She’s acidic.
For most of her life, she’s always been acidic.
So she recoiled when she learned about drinking 28 pieces of calamansi. “Oh my gosh, I can’t do that!”
she said, “I’ll die.”
The crazy thing is that she tried it and it cured her acidity.
I’ll explain later why this can happen.
I repeat, at the end of this eReport, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
But first, let me give you the three incredible benefits of this very simple, very natural Power Drink.

It’s Alkaline Food

When my health mentor sees cancer patients, he notices how acidic their bodies are.
Cancer cells thrive in acidic environments.
Germs multiply in acidic environments.
What causes acidic environments?
I believe the main culprits are the wrong emotional “food” and physical food that we take in.
In my book, Awaken the Healer in You, I covered the negative impact of negative emotions in our body.
In my book, I also discussed the power of eating alkaline food. If you really want to be healthy, then follow
this rule: 70 percent of what you eat should be alkaline food.
What is alkaline food? Fruits and veggies.
Meat is acidic. Processed food is acidic. Medicines are acidic.
We think calamansi is acidic.
Ironically, calamansi is alkaline if you take it the way my mentor teaches me to take it: It has to be taken
pure. If you mix it with water or sugar, it becomes acidic.
That’s why my sister—who suffered from an acidic stomach for 40 years—can take 28 pieces of calamansi
every morning.
Unfortunately, this isn’t common knowledge.
Remember that alkaline food has a tremendous effect on your body. Germs can’t live in an alkaline
environment. Cancer cells can’t live in an alkaline environment.
All organs in your body function optimally when it’s in an alkaline environment.

Natural Vitamin C

This Power Drink is my daily dose of Vitamin C.
Hear me out: Nothing beats natural.
A lot of people take Vitamin C pills. Note that some of them are better than others.
But in my book, vitamin pills are always a second best.
If you can get it naturally, you should.
• Vitamin C is an antioxidant and protects your body from heart disease and cancer.
• Vitamin C produces collagen, the very thing that holds your cells together.
• Vitamin C strengthens your immune system.
• Vitamin C heals your wounds.

Cleansing Toxins

Many of us are sick because of the toxins clogging our systems. There are three kinds of toxins: spiritual,
emotional, and physical toxins.
In this eReport, I’m focusing on physical toxins.
Where do these physical toxins come from?
From the processed foods that we eat.
From the meats that we eat.
From the pesticides in our fruits and vegetables.
From the pollution around us.
Do you want to experience healing naturally?
Strengthen your liver and kidneys.
These are the two organs in your body responsible for removing toxins in your body. When the liver and
the kidneys are overwhelmed by the massive amounts of toxins we ingest everyday, they become weak and can’t do their job. It becomes a vicious cycle. Our bodies become like garbage cans that don’t get emptied for years.
Gunk builds up. So we get sick and die.
To cleanse and strengthen your liver and kidneys, eat 15 kinds of fruits and vegetables everyday.
And one powerful way of cleansing your liver and kidneys is taking the Morning Power Drink I’m
recommending to you today.

How to Start This Morning Habit

Don’t take 28 pieces of calamansi right away.
Take seven days to adjust to it.
Here’s a simple way of doing it:
Day 1: Take 4 pieces.
Day 2: Take 8 pieces.
Day 3: Take 12 pieces.
Day 4: Take 16 pieces.
Day 5: Take 20 pieces.
Day 6: Take 24 pieces.
Day 7: Take 28 pieces.
After the seventh day, you can keep taking this natural Power Drink
for the rest of your life.

Four Rules

Rule 1: Take it first thing.
When do you take your Power Drink?
When you wake up in the morning. This is the first thing you do. Take it on an empty stomach.
Rule 2: Take it pure.
Don’t add water or sugar.
If you do, it becomes acidic and thus loses a lot of its healing effect on your body.
Rule 3: Take it green.
For greater effect, get the green calamansi, not the yellow ripe ones. This is also the reason why you can’t
buy calamansi for a whole week’s consumption. Or they’ll ripen and become yellow. Try to buy for two or three days only each time, so you always take the green ones.
Rule 4: Don’t take anything else for an hour.
After taking your Morning Power Drink, take a walk, pray, read your Bible, write your journal, go to
Mass, etc. Do whatever you want to do, just don’t eat breakfast yet.
Let the calamansi juices do its work in your body for an hour.
After an hour, take your breakfast.
I take a specific kind of breakfast, which is another Healing Habit in my 52 Healing Habits Program. (To
join my 52 Healing Habits Program, log on at www.52HealingHabits.com now)

Six Steps

Let me give you a few tips for this Morning Power Drink.
Let me be honest with you. Cutting and squeezing 28 pieces of calamansi is cumbersome. Find a way to
make it part of your morning ritual where you pray while doing it. Or sing a song. Or listen to worship music. Do something to make it an enjoyable ritual to do each morning.
Step 1: Wash the calamansi.
If you can get organic calamansi, that’s great. If not, just wash them very well.
Step 2: Slice the calamansi at the side, not at the center.
That way, you don’t accidently slice the seeds. It takes on a bitter taste if you do that.
Step 3: Squeeze the juice out together with the seeds.
In other words, don’t use a strainer to remove the seeds. Mix up the seeds with the juice. Here’s why: You
need to get the pulp around the seeds too.
Step 4: Using a fork, briskly mix the calamansi juice with its seeds.
Imagine yourself beating an egg. That’s the motion you need to separate the pulp from the seeds.
Step 5: Remove the seeds.
Scoop up the seeds, using the fork, gliding them out of the glass.
Step 6: Drink your Power Drink.
Enjoy. It’s unusual at first but you’ll get the hang of it.

When You’re Travelling

I travel a lot.
When I take trips in the Philippines, I visit the market and grab my
calamansi for the next day.
When I’m abroad, I look for lemons. I take 2 or 3 (not 28!), depending on
their size.
A few months ago, my wife and I stayed in a hotel in Cebu. I mentioned to
the waiter my little morning ritual. He went into the kitchen and gave me a bag of
8 lemons—on the house. Enough for the couple of days we stayed there.
Another time, I was in a nice resort in Bohol. I went over the top there by
asking the kitchen staff to do the cutting and squeezing of the calamansi for me.
Obviously, I gave them a decent tip for their helpfulness.
My point is that if you really want to do it, you can do it.

Don’t Expect a Miracle After a Month—
But You Can Expect a Miracle After a Year!

I’ve taught my morning habit to a few friends.
Some of them did it but gave up after two or three weeks.
Most common reason?
“I don’t see any changes in my health,” they tell me. One person said, “I still get sick often!”
I can’t blame their reaction. We’re so used to popping a pill and expecting our fever to disappear in 30
But the 28 pieces of calamansi isn’t a pill.
It doesn’t fight disease. Instead, it builds up your body to fight the disease. And that takes time.
You don’t strengthen your immune system, alkalinize your body, cleanse your kidneys and liver in a few
days or weeks or months.
You do it over many months.
My suggestion is you do this morning habit for a year.
And here’s my fearless prediction: You’ll be writing me an email, thanking me because you feel so healthy
and strong!
Be healthy as God wants you to be!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez
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