The Upcoming Stock Dividends From SMPH

I remember when I first jump in with investing, my relatives are laughing when I mentioned how much money or cash I received from companies I’ve invested in thru dividends. Since I only have few shares at the time, of course the amount is so small that made them laugh at me. A year later, my investments grew by almost 12 times along with the dividends. My gosh, thanks to the truly rich club; I made the right decision to act immediately in investing. Now my investments give me cash dividends that I can have free groceries for a month. Well it’s not as big as many people think but for me, it’s free and the best things in life are free! I don’t plan to take the dividends out instead I’m re-investing it by buying additional shares of my favorite SAM stocks.

Last month, SMPH came out with a 25% stock dividend. This time, it’s not cash that will be given but a stock. This is the first time I’m gonna receive a dividend in the form of stock. The Ex-Date (or the cut-off) is May 21, 2012. This means, you should be holding SMPH shares before May 21 to be qualified. To be exact, the last day is May 18 (Friday). At the moment, the free SMPH shares are not yet credited on my portfolio. According to the source, it will be credited on June 20, 2012 (dividends payable date) so let’s see by then. I’m actually excited to see this! Now I have more potential profit in the future because of these additional freebies.

A sample cash dividend from FPH can be viewed here.

Happy investing!