A buying opportunity?

After the recent US presidential election surprisingly won by Donald Trump, the Philippine stock market reacted negatively. At the time of this writing, the PSEi index fell below the 7,xxx mark and is now at 6,982.97.

This is because of the concerns how Trump’s policy would affect the Philippine economy specially the BPO sector or the call center industry. Going back in 2013, the revenue from BPO generated about $15.5B and $22B revenues last year (2015) which employed 1.1M Filipinos. Continue reading “A buying opportunity?”

Stocks Update: Should You Buy COL?

Let me answer today the “hot” question that is in many TrulyRichClub members minds…
Jacob sent me this letter…

Hi Bro Bo,

I know you recommend that we use Citiseconline as our online broker. And Citiseconline is a publicly listed company.
Question 1: Did you buy shares of Citiseconline?
Question 2: Should we buy Citiseconline shares?
I was thinking that if more and more people start investing in the stock market, then Citisec has a bright future. Right?

TrulyRichClub Member

COL Was My First Stock


By the way, Citiseconline has changed its name to COL Financial. (They did this so they can offer more products to you in the future—and can go global.)
Jacob’s first question above: “Did you buy shares of Citiseconline?”
Yes, I did.
I mentioned this in my book, My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and Why You Should Too. On page 57, I wrote…
“…And to be upfront about it, I also bought Citiseconline stocks. Yes, they’re a publicly listed company too. I believe in the team that owns and runs it.” I bought COL stocks when it was P6.00—when I started investing in the stock market in 2007.  In fact, it was the first company I bought.  Crazy but true.
And I kept buying all these years. I bought shares when it was P9, and when it was P11, and when it was P15.  Today, COL is P23.00.  So why didn’t I tell you to buy? Actually, I did, but in an indirect way.
That line in my book above was my indirect invitation for you to buy.  Why can’t I be direct about it? And why didn’t I include COL in our
SAM Recommended Stocks?
I can’t.

Why I Can’t Directly Recommend COL


I can’t advice you to buy or not buy.
But I can tell you what I’m doing now—just to share. I feel COL’s price is high today. I’ve stopped buying because I’ve bought a LOT already through the years.
Though I don’t know what I’ll do if I didn’t have any COL yet.
But I’ll definitely buy again when there’s a big dip. But moving forward in the next 10 to 20 years, I see a great future ahead for this company. They’ve got great owners. They’ve got great management. They’ve got a terrific staff.
I know COL will become a giant one day. But going there will be a rough roller coaster ride.
I repeat: This isn’t a recommendation. I can’t recommend it to you. Just sharing my stories. (Wink.)
And some of our SAM stocks are doing very well too! Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez