Plant in the spring or beg in the fall

Have you heard about the real story of Lola Penny and Lola Pilar?  If not, let me share with you this inspiring story of Bo Sanchez about two Lolas. I really love this story. It’s actually the story that keeps me motivated and one of the main contributors why I develop the habit of investing each month for my retirement.

The 1st half of 2014 is almost over so time flies really fast, so act now! As Jim Rohn said: Plant In The Spring Or Beg In The Fall.

The Story of Lola Penny

I have a friend who retired 7 years ago.
Let’s call her Lola Penny. Continue reading “Plant in the spring or beg in the fall”

People In Their 30’s And 40’s Fear Growing Old Without Money

The stock market is still “sale” and SAM recommended companies are still cheap at this time.  Still asking yourself why you need to invest?  Read on Bro. Bo’s article below to be enlightened and start your journey in the world of investing!

Greg is a 63-year old man.
The salt and pepper hair fit him nicely. Makes him look elegant. Greg also wears cool clothes that make him look like a rich gentleman.
But his eyes can’t hide the bone-chilling terror inside.
Yes, Greg has a cushy job.
But he knows he will retire at 65. That is just two years away. And he’s scared. Very scared. Because on that day, he won’t have a monthly paycheck anymore.
“I’m sure you have savings, right?” I asked Greg.
He looked down, shaking his head. “Not more than P200,000 in the bank. I’ve never been very good with the savings bit. I just spent my money. And there were many emergencies along the way. I know I should have saved more. But I didn’t.”
I asked, “But you’ll get a nice retirement package from your company?”
“To pay my debts,” he sighed. “I just borrowed to buy a car last year. And did some house repairs this year. We also travelled as a family last summer, paid for by another loan. So whatever I’ll get from my retirement will erase my debt. But nothing will be left. Absolutely nothing.”
I couldn’t help but groan.
Greg was staring at the perfect storm. A financial calamity that was coming in two years.
I pitied him so much…


My Two Boys Have More Investments Than Greg


My sons, ages 12 and 7, are investors.
It’s never too young to start your investments.
Benedict has P337,631 and Francis has P358,714 in their Stock Market investments. Benedict would invest money from his odd jobs, his small business, and both of them would invest their Christmas cash gifts from Ninangs and Ninongs (godparents).
And let me repeat: Their money is in the Stock Market. Not in the Bank.
Did you know that money in the Bank slowly “evaporates” under the heat of inflation? Your money shrinks over time, just like how water dries up under the heat of the sun. Let me explain: Inflation—or how the purchasing power of your money decreases—is at 4% to 6% a year. The interest you earn in a bank is less then 1% a year. So each year, your money in the bank shrinks by 3% to 5%.
In the Stock Market, if you follow my simple investment method (NOT trading!) which I call Strategic Averaging Method, you’ll grow your money at 12% to 20% a year over time.

You Don’t Have To Make The Mistake Of Greg


Some people think that as you grow older, you’ll have to grow poorer.
It’s not true for everyone.
You don’t have to make the mistake Greg made.
I can help you avoid growing poor by teaching you how to invest. You don’t have to be afraid of growing old. Because you can grow older and richer at the same time.
Thousands of people have already joined my TrulyRichClub, and following my guidance, have started investing in the Stock Market. And they’re very happy.
TrulyRichClub Members who joined me 2 years ago—and who invested in the Stock Market with my guidance—have enjoyed wonderful profits. Here are the Top 10 Stock Recommendations we made in 2010 and 2011…

What does this show you?
That quiet, boring, monotonous investing small amounts of money each month in carefully chosen stocks can build your wealth!
(By the way, we no longer recommend some of these companies for this year…)


What’s Will Happen For The Rest Of 2012


Like a runner that is catching its breath after a long climb, the Stock Market is “resting” now, trying to regain its energy for the next sprint up the mountain. We see a sideways or downward motion for the Stock Market in the next 3 to 6 weeks.
After that, we see that it will start to rise again. If this is your first time to enter the Stock Market, now is the perfect time to enter. Because we believe that the Stock Market will continue to go up for the next three years.
Out of our 9 stock recommendations, 3 are near our Target Price. But 6 are still “buyable”. That means they’re still cheap and we can continue to buy them every month.
And we like it that way. (This is one of the crazy views we hold: We love it when our Stocks are down for a long time!)
Why? So we can buy our companies at very cheap prices every month. Because we’re long-term investors.
The important thing is that you start investing right now.
I repeat: Don’t be like Greg. You don’t have to be afraid growing old and poor.
Stop postponing! You’re missing out on these earnings. Most importantly, you’re missing out on gaining financial freedom.
Change your financial life today. Learn how to invest in the Stock Market today.
How? Join my TrulyRichClub and change your financial future today.
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May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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If There’s A Perfect Time To Start Investing In The Stock Market, It Would Be Now…

Another great article from Bo Sanchez.  Just in case you are not subscribed to his FREE newsletter.  Grab it here.  So you can get an article like this straight from your email for FREE.

Let me tell you why.

The Stock Market has gone down for the past two weeks. And our fearless forecast says that it will remain down for the next 3 to 6 weeks (no one really knows the exact days). Reason: The Stock Market has to rest. It went up so much from January to April. And we know it cannot sustain the amazing growth we’ve experienced since the start of 2012.

Imagine a mountain hiker. After zipping up the trails at breakneck speed, he’s now sitting on a rock, catching his breath. He’s drinking from his water bottle. He’s resting his aching muscles. He’s regaining his strength for the next climb up the mountain.

I repeat: If there is a perfect time to invest in the Stock Market, it is now while you can buy great companies at “sale” prices. After this downward and sideways season, it will rise again soon.

By the way, this is the reason why my TrulyRichClub Members love me more than ever. (It’s mutual. I love them too.) I’ve already trained their minds to think in a very different way than most people. Today, they never fear these “resting periods”. In fact, they actually LOVE these times when the Stock Market is down. Like a broken record, I tell them to “invest, invest, invest!” when no one wants to invest.

Every other week, through my Members-Only Stocks Update eReports, I keep badgering, cajoling, and begging them to invest in our recommended list of Stocks.
For several months, TrulyRichClub Members saw their money grow beautifully.

Let me give you an idea…

Last June 2011, I asked them to buy Ayala Land (ALI) when it was P15.09. Last February 2012, I told them to sell it at P21.65. That was a 35% gain. Imagine how much they gained from that—because for 8 straight months, they kept buying ALI at low prices. (It stayed at P15 until January!)

I also asked our Members to buy Nickel Asia (NIKL) when it was P23.75 last February 2012. And one month later, I told them to sell at P28.30 in March 2012! In one month, they enjoyed 19%. (Note: As long-term investors, I prefer slow growth than rapid growth, so we can buy more shares. But I’m not complaining.)

Today, our favorite Stocks are taking a beating. They’re all down. Oh, I love it. So many great companies to buy!

Join me.

I believe that this Rocket (called the Philippine Stock Market) is getting ready to take off to greater heights. Our projection: It’ll move up for the next 3 years. The Philippines will experience a Stock Market boom; It’ll be one of the best performing Stock Markets in the world. And I believe that many will become richer because of this Rocket.

But here’s a brutal fact: It will go up with or without you.
I really hope you join the ride.
Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Don’t postpone.

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May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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Use Your Pain of Giving to Achieve Great Success: A Holy Week Special Message

Today I’d like to share this very special message from one of the talks given by Bo Sanchez in the 3-day Holy Week retreat held at Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig.

Because this is Holy Week, I promise that I won’t write too long today. Just enough to inspire you to give more to God.
So this WealthStrategies is very special.
Friend, Jesus gave His all to you on the Cross. And God calls you to do the same—to give your all as well.
Here’s my message: You can use the pain of giving to achieve great success.
Let me now talk about pain…

You Need Pain to Succeed in Life

I know people don’t like pain.
I know I don’t.
We avoid it at all costs.
That’s why many people avoid diets, doctors, and dentists.
Because we don’t like pain.
But let me give you a startling fact.
You need pain to survive.
You need pain to succeed in life.
In fact, all permanent success comes from pain.
Any success that doesn’t come from pain will be short-lived.
Check out lotto winners.
I was reading the story of Michael, a garbage collector who won $15 million from lotto. But after just a few years, he lost all his money and is now trying to get his old job back as a garbage collector.
Another guy named Jack won a staggering $315 million from lotto. But he too lost everything after less than 10 years. But he didn’t only lose the money—he also lost his family.
They’re not alone. Go ahead, google “Lotto winners lose money” and you’ll get hundreds of true-to-life tragic stories.
In fact, many lotto winners say it was a nightmare and wish they never won. Because of winning, their marriages broke up, their families disintegrated, their children turned to drugs, and they lost all their happiness.
Easy come, easy go.
I repeat: Real success comes from pain.
If it didn’t come from pain, it isn’t real success.


Let me talk about hypothermia.
Hypothermia is a physical condition whereby your body’s core temperature drops below 35 degrees
Celsius and shuts down all functions. Including your ability to feel pain.
Remember Titanic?
Our hero Jack died of hypothermia.
And many people who escaped Titanic before it sank eventually died of hypothermia in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Because they could no longer feel the pain, they just slept and drowned.
Mountain climbers conquering Mt. Everest, who get trapped in sub-zero temperature, try hard to wake themselves up. They intentionally give themselves pain to survive.
What does this have to do with you?

Do You Suffer from Spiritual Hypothermia?

I know of people who have Spiritual Hypothermia.
They’ve become so comfortable in life.
They’ve become soft. They’ve become lax. They’ve become sleepy. And their life has become meaningless. They have no more burning dreams in their lives. And they’ve started to die a slow death.
There’s no pain in their life.
I now realize that pain is essential to grow in any area of your life—spiritually, relationally, or financially.
How do you wake up from spiritual hypothermia? Pain.
In fact, there are three sources of inner pain.

The 3 Sources of Inner Pain

The first pain comes from Grief.
The second pain comes from Greed.
And the third pain comes from Giving.
I won’t anymore talk about Grief—because that’s self-explanatory. The most successful people in the world went through intense suffering—bankruptcy, sickness, catastrophe—before reaching the top. Their grief drove them to greatness.
Nor will I talk about Greed. You know that already. Greed is painful too, and it fuels many persons to work, work, and work, forgetting their families and health, just to earn another buck. Let’s face it. There are very wealthy (and unhappy) people out there who achieved their success because of greed.
Today, I’ll focus on the third inner pain that can cause you to succeed: the pain of Giving.

The Pain of Giving

Giving is self-imposed pain.
Giving is voluntarily chosen.
By the way, when you give, and you don’t experience pain, you didn’t really give. Your giving is fake.
When you give, it must hurt you.
When you give, it must shake you up.
When you give, it must disturb your existence.
When you give, it must wake you up from your complacency.
When you give, it must rock your world so much, it creates a hunger in you to keep on earning money so that you can keep on giving.
The Bible says, I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing (2 Samuel 24:24).
That is why this pain heals.
This pain gives joy.
This pain blesses you.
It’s a cheerful pain!
This pain comes when you give.

Success Must Have a Reason

Success must have a reason.
And I have found my reason for success!
I’ve asked this question many times: Why do I keep working, striving, dreaming, growing, expanding, and increasing?
I have enough. Really.
My family and I have clothes on our back.
We have a roof over our heads.
We’ve got food on our table three times a day.
We even have family vacations.
I repeat: We’re okay.
Why do I keep working? Why do I keep expanding my businesses? Why do I try to earn more?
There’s only one answer: So I can give more.
So I can love more.
So I contribute more to God’s work.
So I can give more to God’s poor.
Oh believe me, I’ll never run out of dreams! Dream of the Kingdom is like the burning bush in my heart—unquenchable and eternal.
I pray that you find your reason for success.
I pray you transform your pain—either from grief or giving—into fuel. Fuel to reach your dreams.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez