Stocks Update: SAM Stocks Are Still Doing Well

Below is the latest stocks update from Bo.  JGS Target Price has been raised/upgraded.
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Your SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) Stocks are doing very well. Even sleepy EDC (Energy Development Company) is slowly going up, finally! (If you started investing early last year, you’d have already put a hefty sum of money in EDC—as I have).

JGS (JG Summit) pleasantly surprised us by hitting almost its Target Price last week. After consulting with our Analysts, we’re raising the Target Price to P40. You may however take some profits off the table if you wish.

But as I mentioned in my last article, there may be a slightly downward or sideways movement in the short-term—for the entire stock market. We expect this and we’re happy if that happens, so that we can buy our favorite stocks at lower prices.

Happy investing, my friend!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

Introducing SAM’s New Turtle Member – MEG

Today, I would like to introduce the newest member of SAM’s turtle, MEG or Megaworld.  Last month, Bro. Bo gave us a go signal to buy shares of this new company that will become part of SAM.  Bo says its mother company, AGI buys back its shares and this is a good sign meaning its price is still cheap.

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Megaworld or MEG is a property company with primary business in residential sales and office/retail space leasing. Megaworld is widely known for its development of Eastwood City, McKinley Hills and Newport City.

If you notice, their concept is to have elements of work, plan and live in one place or having yourself in “3 places at once” integrating residential, commercial and leisure.

Aside from those mentioned above, MEG currently has three more township projects such as Forbes Town Center, Manhattan Garden City and Cityplace.

MEG has a good potential growth because it owns a large bank of properties for both residential and commercial purposes.  MEG also owns properties that are still undeveloped located in Mactan Newtown,Iloilo, McKinley West and Bonifacio Uptown.

With an increasing demand for office location from the BPO industry, MEG’s properties will benefit to this opportunity.  It is strongly believed that Fort Bonifacio will continue to be the top choice of companies given due to its location with lower rental rates, better facilities and light volume of traffic.

Currently, MEG has the largest BPO office leasing in the Fort area. With a land area of more than 105 hectares, it has the capability of expanding its BPO office portfolio to take advantage of the strong future demand.  This will benefit Megaworld’s current and future BPO projects.

This year, MEG will be launching 11 residential projects along with the deal with Clark Development Corporation to develop 550 hectares of formerUSmilitary property.  Lastly, in the next 20 years, MEG plans to spend P45 billion budgets to develop Bonifacio Uptown in their 15-hectare lot in Bonifacio Global City.

At this point, MEG’s future looks bright and this turtle will be another sure win!


Above information is a summary based on the e-report originally written by Mike Vinas of  Bo’s Truly Rich Club.  To receive the full report and receive tons of blessings, join the Truly Rich Club now by clicking here.


The Turtle Always Wins: How To Make Millions in The Stock Market

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My wife and I attended the 3-day Holy Week Retreat last April 5-7 conducted by Bo Sanchez and his team of preachers at Valle Verde Country Club inPasig.  The retreat is entitled: Total! The Secret of Big Returns

In the lobby, Shepherds Voice Publications’ books are being sold so I grab the copy of Bo’s newly launched book entitled: The Turtle Always Win (How To Make Millions in the Stock Market).

I believe this book is a sequel for his book entitled “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market and Why You Should Too!” which explains that everyone can invest and build wealth thru the stock market by following a very simple system.

This newly launched book broadens the possibilities of creating millions in the stock by following simple strategies or Bo called it “Turtle Strategy”.

Follow the Strategies of This Book and You’ll Create Wealth Over Time

Hard fact: Eighty-five percent of people who get into stock market lose their money.  That’s the reality.

But that’s because these people don’t know that the turtle always wins.

In this highly inspiring, extremely practical book, author Bo Sanchez will teach you the “Turtle Strategy” that will protect you from losing money and make you retire a multimillionaire.

In this book, you’ll learn…

  • Four different kinds of animals that exist in the stock market;
  • Common mistakes you need to avoid in the stock market;
  • How to use the Turtle Strategy to make your millions;
  • Six Lifestyle Principles of the Turtles to grow your wealth (This is very important);
  • Bo’s Strategic Averaging Method (SAM) – learn what Bo believes to be the best, simplest and safest strategy of multiplying money in the world

Turn the page of this book and change your financial life forever!

For more guidance on how to invest in the stock market, Bo created the TrulyRichClub.  By joining this club you’ll receive deluge materials to assist and help you grow in your financial and spiritual life.  Every two weeks Bo sends Stocks Update eReport which tells you what stocks he’s buying and selling plus a lot more.  If you want to gain financial abundance, go to now!

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Stocks Update: We’re Champion Turtles

My new book on the stock market is out, The Turtle Always Wins.

Grab a copy at your nearest bookstore.

I pray that through the coming years, you learn to be an expert Turtle. A very wealthy expert Turtle!

Let me now tell you what to expect in the near future…

Our Favorite Stocks Will Catch Its Breath

Here’s our fearless forecast: In the next few months, we’ll see the stock market go down a little. We know it cannot sustain the amazing growth we’ve experienced since the start of 2012.

Imagine a mountain hiker. After zipping up the trails at breakneck speed, he’s now sitting on a rock, catching his breath. He’s drinking from his water bottle. He’s resting his aching muscles.

He’s regaining his strength for the next climb up the mountain.

That is what is happening to our favorite stocks.

It will go lower for awhile.

But no need to panic. It’s just regaining its strength to climb another lap.

Today, traders are worried at this sad news, because they don’t know what to do. We however are SAM investors. We like this sad news. We put our feet up and sip our orange juice.

We’re happy that some of our stocks will dip into negative territory. Because we’ll be buying at cheaper prices. We’re champion Turtles.

Please continue to buy your SAM Stocks each month.

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez
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Keep an Eye on Buy Below Prices

Use Your Pain of Giving to Achieve Great Success: A Holy Week Special Message

Today I’d like to share this very special message from one of the talks given by Bo Sanchez in the 3-day Holy Week retreat held at Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig.

Because this is Holy Week, I promise that I won’t write too long today. Just enough to inspire you to give more to God.
So this WealthStrategies is very special.
Friend, Jesus gave His all to you on the Cross. And God calls you to do the same—to give your all as well.
Here’s my message: You can use the pain of giving to achieve great success.
Let me now talk about pain…

You Need Pain to Succeed in Life

I know people don’t like pain.
I know I don’t.
We avoid it at all costs.
That’s why many people avoid diets, doctors, and dentists.
Because we don’t like pain.
But let me give you a startling fact.
You need pain to survive.
You need pain to succeed in life.
In fact, all permanent success comes from pain.
Any success that doesn’t come from pain will be short-lived.
Check out lotto winners.
I was reading the story of Michael, a garbage collector who won $15 million from lotto. But after just a few years, he lost all his money and is now trying to get his old job back as a garbage collector.
Another guy named Jack won a staggering $315 million from lotto. But he too lost everything after less than 10 years. But he didn’t only lose the money—he also lost his family.
They’re not alone. Go ahead, google “Lotto winners lose money” and you’ll get hundreds of true-to-life tragic stories.
In fact, many lotto winners say it was a nightmare and wish they never won. Because of winning, their marriages broke up, their families disintegrated, their children turned to drugs, and they lost all their happiness.
Easy come, easy go.
I repeat: Real success comes from pain.
If it didn’t come from pain, it isn’t real success.


Let me talk about hypothermia.
Hypothermia is a physical condition whereby your body’s core temperature drops below 35 degrees
Celsius and shuts down all functions. Including your ability to feel pain.
Remember Titanic?
Our hero Jack died of hypothermia.
And many people who escaped Titanic before it sank eventually died of hypothermia in the freezing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Because they could no longer feel the pain, they just slept and drowned.
Mountain climbers conquering Mt. Everest, who get trapped in sub-zero temperature, try hard to wake themselves up. They intentionally give themselves pain to survive.
What does this have to do with you?

Do You Suffer from Spiritual Hypothermia?

I know of people who have Spiritual Hypothermia.
They’ve become so comfortable in life.
They’ve become soft. They’ve become lax. They’ve become sleepy. And their life has become meaningless. They have no more burning dreams in their lives. And they’ve started to die a slow death.
There’s no pain in their life.
I now realize that pain is essential to grow in any area of your life—spiritually, relationally, or financially.
How do you wake up from spiritual hypothermia? Pain.
In fact, there are three sources of inner pain.

The 3 Sources of Inner Pain

The first pain comes from Grief.
The second pain comes from Greed.
And the third pain comes from Giving.
I won’t anymore talk about Grief—because that’s self-explanatory. The most successful people in the world went through intense suffering—bankruptcy, sickness, catastrophe—before reaching the top. Their grief drove them to greatness.
Nor will I talk about Greed. You know that already. Greed is painful too, and it fuels many persons to work, work, and work, forgetting their families and health, just to earn another buck. Let’s face it. There are very wealthy (and unhappy) people out there who achieved their success because of greed.
Today, I’ll focus on the third inner pain that can cause you to succeed: the pain of Giving.

The Pain of Giving

Giving is self-imposed pain.
Giving is voluntarily chosen.
By the way, when you give, and you don’t experience pain, you didn’t really give. Your giving is fake.
When you give, it must hurt you.
When you give, it must shake you up.
When you give, it must disturb your existence.
When you give, it must wake you up from your complacency.
When you give, it must rock your world so much, it creates a hunger in you to keep on earning money so that you can keep on giving.
The Bible says, I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing (2 Samuel 24:24).
That is why this pain heals.
This pain gives joy.
This pain blesses you.
It’s a cheerful pain!
This pain comes when you give.

Success Must Have a Reason

Success must have a reason.
And I have found my reason for success!
I’ve asked this question many times: Why do I keep working, striving, dreaming, growing, expanding, and increasing?
I have enough. Really.
My family and I have clothes on our back.
We have a roof over our heads.
We’ve got food on our table three times a day.
We even have family vacations.
I repeat: We’re okay.
Why do I keep working? Why do I keep expanding my businesses? Why do I try to earn more?
There’s only one answer: So I can give more.
So I can love more.
So I contribute more to God’s work.
So I can give more to God’s poor.
Oh believe me, I’ll never run out of dreams! Dream of the Kingdom is like the burning bush in my heart—unquenchable and eternal.
I pray that you find your reason for success.
I pray you transform your pain—either from grief or giving—into fuel. Fuel to reach your dreams.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Stocks Update: Mr. Market Is Manic-Depressive

You probably know Warren Buffet—the 2nd wealthiest man in the world. He grew his money by investing in the stock market.

But you may not know Benjamin Graham. When Warren Buffet was a young chap, Benjamin Graham was his mentor in the stock market. Pretty cool, huh?

What did Buffet learn from Graham?

That the stock market has a psychological problem. More specifically, he is manic-depressive. When Mr. Market is depressed, he sells the business at dirt-cheap prices. When he is happy, he buys the business at sky-high prices.

If you understand this, then you’ll disregard the ups and downs of the stock market. You’ll instead focus on buying great companies that will last for the next 50 years.  Like all the companies in our SAM list.

Every month, just keep buying. When a stock hits the Target Price, sell and buy another stock that’s still cheap. That’s our simple strategy that will make you a millionaire.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

P.S. A Little Comment About NIKL (NickelAsia):

After NIKL’s price shot up last week (due to Indonesia’s ban on nickel export), I told you to sell NIKL and take your profits off the table. I also told you to buy MEG (Megaworld) and our other recommended stocks. But last Tuesday, NIKL went up even more. So yes, we missed that added uptick. But that’s okay! We never regret if we don’t squeeze out the last centavo of a stock. In fact, that attitude is dangerous. We always try to leave early. This is the safer route.



Top10 Past Winners of TrulyRich Club stocks

Stocks Alert: Sell NIKL

This stocks update was issued last Friday, March 23.  It’s about Nickel Asia (NIKL) sell advice from the club.  Below is the detailed information from Bo.

Today, I’m asking you to sell it.

Let me explain.  The reason why NIKL shot up was because Indonesia issued an export ban for nickel.  So that leaves the Philippines as the biggest nearby source of nickel for China.  So initially, we suggested that you hold NIKL because we feel it’ll go higher soon.

But after much thought, we believe that there are better places to put our money—because of one reason: China’s growth may slow down—and its hunger for nickel may slow down too.  (Obviously, no one can be sure of these things.   We can only guess.)

We’re not saying Nickel Asia will go down.  (Gosh, we could be totally wrong and the price go even higher.)  Nickel Asia’s future is very bright.   But because of other options available to us, we can sell NIKL now and transfer our money to other recommended companies (such as MEG).  Perhaps in the future, we’ll recommend that you buy NIKL again.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Stock Update: You Can Buy MEG

Bo recommends another company we can buy shares, its MEG (Megaworld).  Below are the details:

A few weeks ago, I asked you to sell ALI (Ayala Land), so our SAM list went down from10 to 9.   But out of the 9 Stocks, 4 of them have already crossed our Buy-Below-Price—so you can only actually buy 5 Stocks.

Thankfully, we have a new Stock to add to our list.

If you have extra money, you can buy MEG (Megaworld).

AGI (Alliance Global), the mother company, is buying back MEG shares.  That’s always a good sign. That means the mother company thinks that MEG is cheap at this level.

We’ll explain more about MEG in our regular Stocks Update next week.  But in the meantime, you can already buy MEG.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. Happy investing!


SAM Stocks: Target Price (Buy below price)

1. Aboitiz Power AP P37.06 (P32.22)

2. Cebu Pacific CEB P109.20 (P79.43)

3. Energy Devl Comp. EDC P8.36 (P6.64)

4. First Philippine Holdings FPH P107.16 (P77.89)

5. Metrobank MBT P108.00 (P83.07)

6. BPI BPI P80 (P72.3)

7. JG Summit JGS P35 (P28.83)

8. Nickel Asia NIKL P32 (to be defined soon)

9. SM Phil. Holdings SMPH P20 (P17.07)

Stocks Update: Don’t Be Hasty to Get Wealthy

Remember when I wrote that these are dangerous times?
It’s true. I’ve never had as many inquiries about trading than at these times. So many people have asked me, “Bo, can you teach me how to trade?”
Why? Because the stock market is doing so well and people are earning. Their risk appetite is increasing.
But that’s why it’s dangerous. Because trading is dangerous.
Please, I beg you: Don’t trade!
Trading the stock market means you’re hasty to get wealthy. Here’s what the Bible says about that: The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty (Proverbs 21:5).
Which reminds me of one letter I read recently. (I’ve been receiving fantastic letters from TrulyRichClub members. Keep them coming!) One member wrote me…

Hi Bro Bo,
First of all, thank you for being my mentor. I started following your advice last year.
Just a background, I started in the stock market back April 2009. It could have been beginner’s
luck, but that year was a fantastic entry for me.
I was so proud, I thought I was already an expert! And so for two years, I was a trader. And
all I did almost every day was to look at the charts. And almost every day, I got stressed.
In the end however, I realized that my portfolio was not actually progressing through
my strategy but just because I kept on adding on my fund.
In short, I wasn’t actually gaining with my trading strategy. What happened in 2009 was not
because I knew how trading worked but because the stock market during that time was just going
up. I concede that this is a common mistake of wannabe-traders. Ouch!
That was why last year, I decided to change strategy and started to follow your advice. I owe
it to one of your maids. It was a big slap to me knowing that she has a larger portfolio than me now
just because she followed your advice.
Actually I›ve been a TRC member since October 2010, but I just used your updates as my
benchmark. Now I›m using and following it already and am excited to see my portfolio grow in due
time. Thank you very much for such a blessing to me. More power to you and the TRC team!
For the Glory of God!

Best regards,

Yesterday, a friend asked me, “Bo, is it possible to earn money as a trader?”
Yes. Unofficial statistics say that only 15 percent of traders make money in the stock market.  Long-term investors? Documented statistics say that if the person keeps investing for 10 years, 100 percent of them make money!
So choose your method: One has 15 percent probability of earning money and the other has 100 percent probability of earning money.
And the second reason? Long-term investors (like us in the TrulyRich Club) still outperform traders. My advice?
Follow the Bible. Don’t be hasty to get wealthy.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez
P.S. Keep investing in our “dream list” of stocks. Yes, even those companies that are in negative territory. (Actually, especially those that are in negative territory.)

The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage, but everyone who is hasty comes surely to poverty – Proverbs 21:5


Top10 Past Winners of TrulyRich Club stocks

Stocks Update: What You Can Buy This Week

Latest Stocks Update report from Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club

Note: To understand the Stocks Update, first read Bo’s Ebook, My Maid Invests in the Stock Market.

Last week, I asked you to sell ALI.
Since then, a deluge of TrulyRichClub members have thanked me for their very nice earnings from ALI. Don’t thank me. You did it. You were the brave one who invested in ALI (perhaps from June of 2011) when nothing was happening with its stock. It was totally lifeless for eight months.  And then, BOOM. It explodes.
The price rose and so did your earnings.

What lesson did you learn? Patience. Just invest every month when it seems as though nothing is happening with your money. And your patience will be rewarded.

We hate to say “Goodbye” to ALI, a really fantastic company, but this is only temporary. I’ll tell you when ALI’s price is again “buyable”. (By the way, if you haven’t sold ALI, it’s okay. Just hold on to it. Long term, you’ll have no problems whatsoever.)
So we’re now down to nine stocks. You can still buy these nine stocks: BPI, AP, MBT, EDC, FPH, NIKL, CEB, JGS, and SMPH. As I write this report, all of them are still below our Buy-Below-Price.

By the way, look at AP. Didn’t you notice? It has been in the negative territory ever since we recommended it last June 2011. It too didn’t seem to budge. But last week, BOOM, it rose 10 percent. In one day! (Honestly, I don’t like these sudden surges, buoyed up by rumors that Aboitiz is selling Unionbank to BPI. Because it may sink as quickly if rumors aren’t true. Let’s see what will happen to this stock.) But ultimately, I know this is a winner.

God bless you!

Bo Sanchez

P.S. These are exciting times. Keep investing!