BPI UITF investing

January of last year, I got an email from BPI that they are about to launch their 2 new investment funds. The two new funds that will be added are BPI Philippine Consumer Equity Funds and the BPI Philippine Infrastructure Equity Index Fund.

Like BPI other funds, both have a minimum initial investment and maintaining balance of 10,000 pesos. I was excited and upon launching, since I have an existing UITF, I immediately subscribed to BPI Philippine Consumer Equity Funds at a price of 100 pesos per unit. To know more about UITF, you may check my post here.

The reason why I jumped in immediately was I saw how this fund is invested. Below is the list of companies that comprise the fund:


If you notice, these companies are giants (especially Jollibee, SM, URC, JGS and GTCAP) and is vital to our life as consumers. Without them, we will not be able to survive 🙂

Upon checking the performance after a year and to my surprise, my initial investment already earned around 22% because my 10,000 is now worth 12,200 pesos! Wow, I’m able to beat the inflation!

So if you have no time to monitor the market and afraid of investing in the stock market directly, this UITF from BPI is another choice. Instead of parking your hard-earned money or savings in the bank, why not put it there and let it grow?

If you are also asking for stock picks, another option is to copy this list of companies and buy the stocks directly yourself. This way, you won’t be charged by a trust fee of 1%.

Let me know your thoughts by posting in the comments section. Feel free to share and let your friends know.

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