Top Stock Picks that will benefit from Duterte administration

COL Financial in its latest issue of COLing the Shots talks about the recently concluded SONA of our president. Based on the article, COL Financial identified all possible sectors that believed will benefit from Duterte administration.

This is very good information specially for those people asking what stocks to buy nowadays that PSEi step up at 8,000.

There were four new stock picks added on the list namely EEI (infrastructure), CEB (tourism), CIC (consumer) and MBT(banking). As of this writing, only EEI, CEB and MBT can be bought among the four.

Fair Values or Target Price of existing stock picks were also adjusted adding more options of companies we can now buy. Personally, I don’t like CEB, perhaps my emotions considering my bad experiences from the past such as delayed flights and poor customer service but this is just my opinion.

Below is the latest COL stock picks that analysts believed to benefit from Duterte administration:

stock picks under duterte administration
stock picks under duterte administration

The complete report can be found by logging in to your COL account, go to Research –> Archive.

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