These are exciting times!

In its latest COLing The Shots issue, COL Financial revised the model portfolio stock picks.  FLI was removed while BDO and MEG were added.  To sum it up, the updated table will now be:



The removal of FLI (giving it hold status) while adding BDO and MEG was the same advice given to TRC members from its latest stocks update today.  If we take a look at the expected growth column, we can see the percentage of potential earnings given the prices today; it’s a big sale!

BDO is very good stock pick as it almost reached its 52 week low of 90.7/share (as of August 2014).  At 94.65 per share today, it already fell down by 31.4% given its 52 week high of 124.4/share (price as of March 31, 2015).

As Bo Sanchez said “these are exciting times!  All these many wonderful companies selling at cheap prices!”

Happy investing!

*Price as of September 9, 2015
**Current price difference vs target price

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