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Last April, COL Financial launched its beta version of app for android devices.  This is great news for all android fans out there who have been waiting for quite some time after its iOS counterpart released last year.

I know this is a bit late but today I will reveal the step by step guide on how to install and show you some of the menus available and finally describe how to use it for viewing your portfolio.

Let’s begin by downloading the app.  Unfortunately, this app is not available in Google Play where most people expect.  Because of this, you have to adjust your phone’s security settings like the one below to avoid possible issues.
security-settingsYou need to logon to COL Financial website using a browser installed in your android phone.  Alternatively if you’re one of the users who don’t have the apk file in their account, you may download the file here.

In this guide, I used the browser Chrome to logon to my COL account.Once you’re in, navigate to Home and click Downloads.  The screen below will appear.  Click the underlined statement “Download COL Financial for Android3” which is a link to download the apk. col-financial-android-download-01A more closer look at the download prompt and menu is also available below for clarity of the navigation menu.
col-financial-android-download-02After clicking the link, another prompt will appear below to confirm the download.
col-financial-android-download-03Just press the OK button to proceed with the download.

Next is to look for the file in your phone where it is downloaded so you may install it.  In my Sony Xperia, the file is located in Internal Storage –> Download
col-financial-android-download-04Tap or click the file to install the app.
col-financial-install-01Click the Install button to proceed with the installation.  After the installation is complete, you can now run the app by tapping the Open button on the prompt below or you may choose the Done button if you wish not to run the app at this point.
col-financial-install-02Once you tap the Open button, the app will be launched and the login menu will appear.
col-financial-android-login-01Tap the Log-In.  If you are using the app for the first time, it will display the Terms and Conditions of Use.
col-financial-android-login-02Scroll down the screen on the bottom and tap the “I Agree button”.
col-financial-android-login-03The login menu will now appear where you can enter your account number and password.
col-financial-android-login-04After the tapping the Log In button, the main menu is displayed.
col-financial-android-menu-01In my opinion, COL Financial did a good job on this.  A nice looking menu to easily navigate the app using the colorful button.  To view your portfolio, simply tap the Trade Menu which will take you to the Order Menu below.
col-financial-android-menu-02Then tap the Portfolio button which will display your portfolio.
col-financial-android-portfolioThat’s it!  The COL Financial mobile app for android is installed in your phone!

Feel free to share to all android users out there!

12 thoughts on “COL Financial Mobile App for Android”

    1. Hi thanks for your suggestion, I recently found out that not all users have the apk option for was already updated. You may download the apk here 🙂

  1. Very informative. Thanks for sharing.
    I am one of col users that don’t have the file on my download upon opening my account using android.
    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Frechi,
      The apk was downloaded from COL Financial website. Like what I’ve said in the post, not all accounts have this available for download but mine has so I’m sharing it here. If you’re skeptical about the apk, you may consult or ask COL to update your account with embedded app. Happy investing!

  2. bumping this up. any updated versions of this app? it’s horrible as it is on my octacore, 3gb-RAM phone. i still use a browser even when i’m on my phone because this app is just slow and the gesture controls don’t respond too well.

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