Are you ready for emergencies?

Time flies really fast!

It was already 9 years when I went abroad for a career opportunity.  And because the place is hazardous, I didn’t bother about anything to get there.  In short, all expenses such as visa, and other papers are all paid by the company who hired me.

I went abroad together with several Filipinos, mostly veterans from Saudi Arabia in their 40s and 50s.  It was a great experience because aside from having new set of friends, I didn’t feel sad while being away from home.overseas

Last week I got a chance to chat with one of my colleagues and I was surprised because the company has started the “localization” program which I’ve known before if I leave.  This means downsizing or cost-cutting which is also short for job termination.  Unfortunately, he’s one of those who got laid off and now struggling looking for a job.

He realize how difficult to find a new job because of his medical condition and of course, his age.  Aside from that, he has very little or no savings at all for emergencies like this and now worry about the months ahead.  He gladly informed me about his investments in stocks which he started this year but now he might be pulling it out anytime.

I remained silent and still shocked about his situation because for 9 years of working and getting a higher paycheck he still ended up broke.  I was shocked because it could happen to anyone, myself included.

This story is not new.  Their names have changed but the situation is identical.  Majority of the OFWs are still in the same dilemma because of no financial education.  That’s why most of them, the idea of coming home is a nightmare.

I hope this story serves as lesson not only for OFWs but for all employees like me to prepare for emergencies, stay competent, continue to learn more about finances and never stop looking for other opportunities to earn.

As Robert Kiyosaki says “Money is not the most important thing in life but money affects everything that is important”.

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