Introducing the COL Mobile App

This morning I received an email from my stock broker COL Financial informing me that the mobile app is already available but only for IOS. The android version is still to come.

You can download the app by simply logging in to your account using a browser, in my case I used Safari. Click on the Downloads at the Home Page then follow the next instructions and voila, there it is!

When the app is launched, it will display the screen below. Just tap input you account number and password then press the login button.

To view your current portfolio, just simply tap the Trade –> Cash Gain Loss.

You need to scroll down to view your Total Equity.
Here are few more screenshots when I navigate the menus. I haven’t used it for buying and selling stocks at the moment but by navigating through its menu I realized how easy to perform transactions.

Thanks to COL Financial for such a great job. ย Buying, selling and monitoring my portfolio has never been easy using this app!

29 thoughts on “Introducing the COL Mobile App”

    1. Hi Jon,
      I suspect the ios version you’re using. The app works perfectly on my iphone with ios 7.1.2. COL needs to know that issue so they can update and/or adjust the app for the current ios.
      Luckily, I can’t upgrade my iphone’s ios because there’s no available disk space ๐Ÿ™

    1. If you are using safari browser after logging in to your COL account, you should be able to see the app icon in the Downloads tab.

  1. I cannot download im on an ipad ios 8 latest. I can only see the tab for downloads but when i click it a different display like financial.fzh, investment.fzh, etc… No such thing as download for mobile app

    1. Hi Ray,
      You should be able to see below under downloads tab. I recently upgraded to ios 8 and no problems encountered so far. I don’t see the files such as financial.fzh or investment.fzh.

    2. I also see the same when i click downloads. What’s wrong with my iPad? Should i install something similar to java or something? Your help is much appreciated…

  2. To those who are having problems and trying to look for it in the AppStore, this is not actually a native app. Meaning you can’t really find it in the AppStore because you don’t need to install it natively in your iPhone. Basically, it just instructs you to save the page as a bookmark icon in your iPhone, and act like a shortcut to the company’s mobile version of the website. For iOS 8 users (not sure for iOS 7 users), you need to press the share icon instead of the bookmark icon for the Add to Home Screen to appear.


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