A glimpse of SMPH sale

Last week it was a surprise when one of my blue chip stocks, SMPH enters the “red zone” after a year of sitting in “green”.  Oh yes before I forgot, we already entered the month of AuGHOST.  Many investors and traders believe this to be the month when stock prices are getting cheaper.smph-stocks

This is another great opportunity to buy and accumulate more SMPH shares in my opinion.  Actually this could just be a glimpse of sale for SMPH.  Who knows?  In the next few weeks maybe we could see more dips but nobody is really sure what will happen even “Manang Bola” I bet.

Based on my captured portfolio last month, the market price of SMPH is 16.02 per share then yesterday I saw it priced @15.14 so its just a drop of 5.5%.  This is not bad at all since the target price is 19.41 so it’s still a long way to go, that’s a 28% of expected growth.

Let’s see what’s more to come in the next few weeks of this GHOST month.  Hope to see similar glimpse of “sale” in other companies like MEG (which is actually dips as well after the dividends payout), AC, ALI, AP, MBT and LRI.

It’s also good to know that I’m holding 7 out of 10 stock picks recently recommended by COL to buy this 2014.  The complete article can be viewed here.  Take note that some of them have already crossed the “buy below” price so better check the latest COLing the shots and investment guide issue before buying.

Indeed, investing is more fun in the Philippines!


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