The need to invest

Before I started investing in stocks in the last quarter of 2010, I reviewed my financial life from the day I started working. At that time I realized, it’s already 10 years since I entered the corporate world and overseas as OFW but my savings are very small and nothing seems to happen.

My savings in the bank is not going anywhere because whenever it reaches a certain amount, I always find a way to spend it for something else such as new computer, mobile phone or gadgets.

Because of the frequent threats in job security (e.g. company downsizing, merging, re-org), I ask myself “Is there a way to escape this cycle?” After years of searching for answers I stumbled with the trulyrichclub team where I learn the concept of investing.

Here’s my top reasons why there is a need for everyone to invest:


This is one of the biggest issues today that motivates me to invest. Whether we like it or not, time will pass by and we’ll get older. The question is, do we want get old poor or rich? We have to decide now.

I have a neighbor who’s going to retire this year. He works as an OFW for more than 20 years. Unfortunately his relationship with his family did not turned out to be good. Now he’s alone and still needs to work just to put food on the table. He will be receiving 6,000 pesos monthly for his SSS pension but I doubt it’s enough because he is also sick and needs maintenance meds. I pity him so much.


Parking your money in the bank makes you a loser. Gone are the days that saving money in the bank is a smart thing to do because most banks nowadays give a 2.5% interest rate for time deposit account while 0.5% for savings. On the hand, the average inflation rate per year is around 4-5% so your money slowly “evaporates” over the years if you just let it sit and used by the bank.

Education and opportunity

When you invest your money for example, in the stock market, you will “ride” the giant companies and participate in the growth of their businesses. You will also learn their future plans and projects through their financial reports. These information is normally available for free from your broker.

With these “need to invest”, I hope I have given you great reasons to start your way in investing. If you are still struggling which stocks to buy, you can follow COL’s model portfolio in their monthly report called “COLing the shots”. Below table is the latest one.

Happy investing!

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