Yes, stocks are down again!

Yesterday, stocks fell even lower compared last week with 6.75% loss (442 points) closed at 6,114.08.
I saw this market dip happened two years ago, sometime in September 2011. This is another great opportunity to buy more shares at a cheaper price where everything is on sale for a big discount.
I have tabulated my list of stocks and checked the future growth with reference prices as of closing date yesterday June 13, 2013.  This shows “how far” the current price to the target price of each stock.


As you can see, BDO is more attractive to buy followed by LRI.

This week I sold my two year old stock, FPH and switch it to TEL and some other portion to BDO and MEG. Good thing is I still earned around 30% on the sale which is pretty good after it reaches below a hundred pesos per share.

As bro Bo says, “This is all TEMPORARY. The important thing is you try to keep buying
during times like these. RED means GREEN!”

Happy investing everyone! Investing is still more fun in the Philippines!

7 thoughts on “Yes, stocks are down again!”

  1. I have FPH stocks which some I bought a little while back but majority is when the price is already over P100/ share. I am now in the red on this about for a quite big amount ( P80T). Do i sell them now and buy TEL even at a loss as suggested by Bro Bo or my exposure is so big that it is best to wait.

    Appreciate your thoughts on this.

    1. If you don’t want to sell FPH at a loss then you can wait for it to come up one day.
      Switching to TEL is just another option while the price nowadays is still low and believed to be more practical than to wait for FPH.
      I did the same thing with CEB last year, switch everything to MBT. Now I’m happy with my decision.
      For me, as long as I don’t pull out my money in the stock market, I don’t consider it as a loss.

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this. I just opened my stocks account last month…Since I know very little about the market, what I did was I invested on blue chip companies (ALI, BDO, JFC, MER, MPI, MWC, SMPH). I figured it was the safe thing to do. I realized, in hindsight, that I bought stocks when they were at an all-time high. Now, my loss is at 21.35%. Moving forward, what do you think should I do? Should I simply wait for it to recover? I tried to buy more shares at a cheaper price but I end up increasing my losses. 🙁

      1. That’s ok, you’re not alone. Just hold on and buy more shares each month. After a year or two, you won’t regret that.
        The market will recover one day, but no one is really sure when. According to my mentor, it will take around 4-6 months so this is another great opportunity to buy stocks at cheaper prices. You are holding stocks of great companies so there’s nothing to worry.

  2. I just started in the stock market last week. I followed the very basic rules: buy when the market is down and spread your money in different companies.

    I still need to further study this stock market to gain more confidence and knowledge in playing it.

    More knowledge means more strategies and less mistakes!

    Great post indeed 🙂

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