COLing the shots

Just in case you are not aware of this, COL Financial as part of their research product has a regular report called “COLing the shots”.  It is a monthly detailed report covering the insights on investment based on global and local market updates.

This report also gives essential information and analysis which may help us in our decision so that our investments will be a success.  It has a “model portfolio” similar to trulyrichclub’s SAM table which anyone can follow.  Below is the “COLing the shots” table as of August 1, 2015.


This report is available exclusively for COL account holders and can be found under Research –> Archives.  Click the Product drop-down menu and select Coling_the_shots and click search to list all previous reports.

Enjoy and happy investing!


6 thoughts on “COLing the shots”

    1. Hi Benjamin! Thank you for visiting my blog. The way I understand it, COL and TRC are still separate although most of the FV of SAM stocks are derived from the Investment Guide however there are exemptions to that. Let’s take MER as example. MER was removed from the COLing the shots model portfolio while in TRC it still recommended to buy.

      1. Exactly. And COL’s model portfolio largely differs from TRCs. As I understand, TRC’s researchers are mostly from COL as well. Therefore, for me, if you are just after the recommended stocks minus the “power talks” & strategies given by TRC, then it would make sense to unsubscribe to TRC. The “meager” amount that you pay to TRC can be used to buy significant number of shares in the long run… unless of course if you really want to support them, for their charities.

        1. Good point. Well, for me my TRC subscription is not about charity. Its a continuous education and learning investment for myself which I think is very important in this information age. The more idea you have, the more money you can make. Stocks update is just one part of it. Remember, the biggest stock market is ourselves.

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