Avoid the free lunch attitude

It’s been a while since my last post but here’s another great article from Bo Sanchez’ TrulyRichClub.

Two years ago, I thought I could not sustain or afford to pay the monthly subscription of the TrulyRichClub to receive the twice a month issue of stocks update and other materials.  But after overhauling my finances through reading books, attending seminars and paying myself first, I realized that I’m earning enough.  I also follow the “Simple System” Bo Sanchez discussed in his book “My Maid Invest in the Stock Market” that uses an “envelop”.

This is one of the many reasons why I believe Benjamin Franklin’s saying that “an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”.  Today, my money grows in numbers that I never expected.  Without the TrulyRichClub, I could have spend it in doodads (unnecessary expenses) and just vanished leaving me hopeless again.  And what about the subscription fee for the club?  Well now, it’s “free”.   Enjoy!

Remember this crazy story?
Someone who smoked for 20 years is now suing Phillip Morris because he has cancer.  Or how about this story: There’s a thief who sued the owner of the house he was trying to rob, because when he went out of the window to escape, he fell and broke his leg.
Absurd, right?
In other words, we like free lunches. Smoke for 20 years and let others pay. Rob a house and let the owner pay.
Let me tell you another crazy story…
When I give my financial seminars, I give a “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee. That means we give back the fees if participants say they didn’t like the seminar.
I think we’re one of the few organizations in the country who does this. (In fact, in some of our more technical seminars, we’ll even add P1000 when we return their seminar fees—as a way of paying for their lost time.)
One day, my staff showed me a letter from a seminar participant, asking for a refund. The reason was out of this world.
He wrote, “I became too busy with my schedules and I wasn’t able to apply what I learned in your seminar. Can I get a refund?”
I laughed.
I instructed the office, “Give him a refund.”
My staff went berserk. They couldn’t believe it. They said, “But Bo, it’s not our fault that he didn’t apply what he learned in the seminar. It’s his fault. Why will we give him a refund?”
I said, “Out of pity. With that kind of attitude, he’ll always be a failure. Because he keeps looking for the free lunch.”

Graduate from Your Free Lunch

Twice in my life, friends gave me a car.
I’m extremely thankful they gave me a car. When they gave me my first car, I was traveling all over Luzon, preaching to various groups. I couldn’t afford a car so it was such a huge blessing.
Yes, the free lunch is a wonderful gift from God.
But I now believe it’s not His best gift for us.
What is a better gift than free lunch? The capacity to earn and pay for your lunch.
Recently, I bought a new car with my own money. From the sweat of my brow. From the earnings of my businesses.
Hey, receiving a free car was incredible. I loved it.
But I noticed that when I bought the car with my own money, the feeling was a THOUSAND times better! Honest.
Because aside from the car I bought, I felt I grew.
I became wiser. More business savvy. More financially literate. The car was merely a symbol of who I’ve become.
Remember that the first and most important skill you’ll ever need in becoming successful is to take personal responsibility.
If you’re receiving a free lunch today (in any form), thank God for it. Perhaps your parents are still giving you money.
Perhaps you live with your parents and they don’t ask you to share in the expenses. Perhaps a best friend always treats you out. Perhaps a Ninang (godmother) always gives you a monthly allowance even if you’re already 27 years old.
But for the sake of your own personal growth, I urge you: Graduate from free lunches.
Move on. Grow up!
Free lunches are crutches. They’re there to help you while your legs heal. But once they’re healed, you need to throw away the crutches. If you don’t throw away the crutches, your legs will never be fully healed.
In the same way, if you don’t avoid free lunches, you’ll never grow in your capacity to earn.

You Need the Pain of Paying 

One day, a woman came up to me and asked, “Brother Bo, why do you charge for your Kerygma Conference? It should be free. Some people won’t be able to go because they can’t pay P500 for the ticket.”
This is how I answered: “The weekly Feast is free. There are no tickets. But the Kerygma Conference is a 3-day conference we hold once a year. We spend P6 million to make it happen.”
She was shocked, “P6 million? My goodness. Then don’t hold it in PICC. Hold it in an open-air place, like Luneta. So that it will be free.”
Very patiently, I explained, “Even if you hold it in Luneta, it will still cost a lot of money. First, we’ll rent chairs at P20 each. Multiply that by 10,000 people. And then we have to get a very powerful open-air audio system. Probably will cost half-a-million. Plus very powerful lights that will cost a lot too. The stage alone will cost P200,000 to rent. And we’ll have to feed 600 volunteers—which will cost about P600,000 for those three days…”
I noticed she wasn’t listening. She said, “But it should still be free!”
I politely ended the conversation. It wasn’t going anywhere.
Personally, I like charging for the conferences. Why? I get quality attendees. Participants put value in the event.
There’s a personal investment. There’s commitment—and it shows in how people love the conference.
My other reason? I’m breaking the free lunch attitude.
It’s not healthy.
People who like free lunches don’t grow up.
Friend, you need to learn to pay your way to success.
It’s the only way!
I love saying it: Pain is the only way you can grow. And having to pay for your own lunch is painful. But this pain will force you to grow.
Avoid the free lunch.
Start paying.
Take responsibility.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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