Are you riding the rocket?

This week is one of the most exciting times in the stock market. Imagine, for the first time I received 2 stocks alert this week from TrulyRichClub.  The main reason is its now in a “harvest season” or profit-taking from two of TrulyRichClub‘s SAM recommended companies.

Last week I earned from selling BPI after exceeding its target price of 91 (I sold all my shares at 96.45 per share!) and this week, I sold SMPH where I earned 20% after almost 10 months of investing on it. Plus, remember SMPH’s 25% dividends given in the form of shares?  Yum yum yum!

Sad thing is, its getting hard to buy other SAM stocks although some are still in its buy below price. Obviously the price is now higher because almost everyday the PSE is soaring to record breaking highs.

Now I have my funds from selling SMPH and BPI and I realized, the more money I inject in my account, there are more chances of giving me a higher return!  This is exciting; my money is making more money without me working so usual I’m gonna fund my COL account payday after payday.

Thanks to the TrulyRichClub for the guidance in riding this rocket called The Philippine Stock Market!

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  1. so it’s sell mode for smph? i was keen on holding on it since it’s holiday season. better to heed Bro. Bo’s advice… 🙂

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