Stocks Update: Our Stocks to Go Sideways

The latest issue of Bo’s stocks update.  Another great news as our favorites stocks will go sideways and more opportunity to buy cheaper.  Keep investing folks!
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The US,Europe, and China Stock Markets have gone down a lot. And for the past decade, Japan has really never recovered.

But the Philippine Stock Market hasn’t gone down like the rest of the world. Why? Our economy is simply doing so much better today.

But because of this, our stocks are now more expensive compared to the rest of the world. Because the foreign fund managers earned money here, they’re selling their stocks in the Philippines and sending their money over to the US and China to buy depressed stocks

Result?  The Philippine Stock Market will go sideways for a longer period of time than we expected. In our last issue, I mentioned that perhaps our stocks would start inching their way up next week.

We’re now seeing that may not happen, after all. We now believe that there will be a delay.

As a long-term investor, this delay is beautiful. It will be very useful for you because you can keep buying our favorite stocks at cheaper prices.

Don’t be afraid. Your “numbers” maybe negative right now. That’s okay! Trust the incredible system we’re using. Buying regularly when our favorite stocks are down or sideways will be the reason why you’ll have MILLIONS in the future!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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