Truly Rich Club Alert: Nothing is wrong with SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)

Just to share with you an update about SMPH.

As you can see today SMPH (SM Prime Holdings), one of our favorite stocks went down by 21%.  Truly Rich Club members were advised not to panic because nothing is wrong with SMPH.  According to the latest update, SMPH is giving a 25% Stock Dividend so its new price is already adjusted today.

New shares (dividends) will be credited on your portfolios by June.  So there’s nothing to worry about this loss.  Everything will be fine by June.

3 thoughts on “Truly Rich Club Alert: Nothing is wrong with SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)”

  1. Hi, I am new at stock investing and I find your blog very helpful for someone like me who is interested to invest…
    anyway, smph is one of those i plan to buy, since the price plunged down to 21% do you think now is the right time for me to buy smph stocks? it has reach a very affordable price in my end. should i take advantage of this now? or should i wait a little more for it to go down? June is just around the corner after all and the prices might shoot up by then.

    some people get worried by the red color on their portfolios, apparently, i see the red as a red tag sale on my fave stocks!:)) More power to you and your blog! 🙂

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