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I saw this article from the leaflets of The Feast Ortigas – a Catholic prayer meeting of the Light Of Jesus Family founded by Bo Sanchez.  Read and be inspired to invest!  Use your wealth wisely!

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There was a man lost in the desert.  After a couple of days, he ran out of water.  Soon, he became so thirsty and still lost.  Suddenly, from afar, he saw a rusty water pump sticking from the ground.  He ran towards it.  Then, he grabbed the handle and started to pump.  But nothing came out of it.  When he turned around, he saw a pitcher filled with water.  Beside it was a paper with a message that read, “Don’t drink the water in this pitcher.  Instead, pour it on the pump.  And you’ll have all the water you want.”

Imagine you are that thirsty man who has not drunk water for two day and almost dying of thirst, what will you do?  Perhaps, you may be thinking, “What if this message is a big joke?”  The man in the story took a deep breath and poured the water into the pump and started to pump.  Soon, water was gushing out.  He drank all the water that he could take.  Then, he started filling his water containers.  Before leaving, he filled the pitcher with water.  Below the message, he scribbled the following.  “I tried it.  Believe me, it works.”

This is how growing our wealth works too.  We have two choices: Drink water now or drink water forever.  Spend our income unnecessarily now or discipline ourselves by setting aside a percentage of our income regularly and invest them wisely.  I pray that our talk today inspire you to choose the second option.

Be blessed.  Be inspired.  Be renewed.

Bro. Vic – Feast Builder

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