Stocks Update: SAM Stocks Are Still Doing Well

Below is the latest stocks update from Bo.  JGS Target Price has been raised/upgraded.
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Your SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) Stocks are doing very well. Even sleepy EDC (Energy Development Company) is slowly going up, finally! (If you started investing early last year, you’d have already put a hefty sum of money in EDC—as I have).

JGS (JG Summit) pleasantly surprised us by hitting almost its Target Price last week. After consulting with our Analysts, we’re raising the Target Price to P40. You may however take some profits off the table if you wish.

But as I mentioned in my last article, there may be a slightly downward or sideways movement in the short-term—for the entire stock market. We expect this and we’re happy if that happens, so that we can buy our favorite stocks at lower prices.

Happy investing, my friend!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

4 thoughts on “Stocks Update: SAM Stocks Are Still Doing Well”

  1. i used to be a subscribed member of truly rich club, for only a year. after that, i was no longer receiving wealth strategy/stocks update from truly rich. what steps should i take to continue my subscription? when i was trying to sign up, it says that my id user has been taken (of course), the thing is, i just want to continue receiving stocks alert/update.

  2. good day.

    how do i subscribe to trulyrich and how much is it. do the SAM TABLES come with the subscription. newbie here


    1. You may follow the instructions below to subscribe. Truly rich club has a monthly fee of 497 pesos but the lessons and guidance are priceless. As Robert Kiyosaki says “Money is an idea”. Truly Rich club will offer you more ways and ideas to expand your means 🙂
      1. Click here
      2. Scroll down, click “Philippine Residents”
      3. Enter nickname and email and click “JOIN NOW”
      4. Choose “No, I’ll pass up this great offer.” (But if you’re willing to pay for SuperGold membership which will allow you to receive materials directly at your home, you may click “Yes…”)
      5. Fill out the form. (Do not choose credit card if you don’t have any. But if you have one, do not select it unless you are “READY” to start investing in the stock market.)
      6. Just click continue.
      7. Copy the details. You may use this as a reference if you want to pay later when you are “READY” for the stock market.

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