Stocks Update: What You Can Buy This Week

Latest Stocks Update report from Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club

Note: To understand the Stocks Update, first read Bo’s Ebook, My Maid Invests in the Stock Market.

Last week, I asked you to sell ALI.
Since then, a deluge of TrulyRichClub members have thanked me for their very nice earnings from ALI. Don’t thank me. You did it. You were the brave one who invested in ALI (perhaps from June of 2011) when nothing was happening with its stock. It was totally lifeless for eight months.  And then, BOOM. It explodes.
The price rose and so did your earnings.

What lesson did you learn? Patience. Just invest every month when it seems as though nothing is happening with your money. And your patience will be rewarded.

We hate to say “Goodbye” to ALI, a really fantastic company, but this is only temporary. I’ll tell you when ALI’s price is again “buyable”. (By the way, if you haven’t sold ALI, it’s okay. Just hold on to it. Long term, you’ll have no problems whatsoever.)
So we’re now down to nine stocks. You can still buy these nine stocks: BPI, AP, MBT, EDC, FPH, NIKL, CEB, JGS, and SMPH. As I write this report, all of them are still below our Buy-Below-Price.

By the way, look at AP. Didn’t you notice? It has been in the negative territory ever since we recommended it last June 2011. It too didn’t seem to budge. But last week, BOOM, it rose 10 percent. In one day! (Honestly, I don’t like these sudden surges, buoyed up by rumors that Aboitiz is selling Unionbank to BPI. Because it may sink as quickly if rumors aren’t true. Let’s see what will happen to this stock.) But ultimately, I know this is a winner.

God bless you!

Bo Sanchez

P.S. These are exciting times. Keep investing!

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