Stocks Update: Give a Warm Welcome to Four Fantastic Companies

Last week, I announced that we’re expanding our SAM’s list of fantastic companies.

Current SAM Stocks:  Target Price (Buy below price)
1. Ayala Land ALI P21.65 (P17.43)
2. Aboitiz Power AP P37.06 (P32.22)
3. Cebu Pacific CEB P109.20 (P79.43)
4. Energy Devl Comp. EDC P8.58 (P7.10)
5. First Philippine Holdings FPH P106.81 (P77)
6. Metrobank MBT P108.00 (P83.07)

New SAM Stocks: Target Price (Buy below price)
1. BPI BPI P80 (P72.3)
2. JG Summit JGS P35 (P28.83)
3. Nickel Asia NIKL P26 (P24.57)
4. SM Phil. Holdings SMPH P20 (P17.07)

Note: BPI isn’t really new. We already recommended it last November even if it wasn’t in our list.
As we expand our SAM list, I’d just like to give you a friendly reminder…

“Don’t Listen to the Noise”

The difference between a successful stock investor and an unsuccessful stock investor is this: The unsuccessful stock investor is preoccupied with the market—its ups and its downs. The successful stock investor is focused on fantastic companies.  Warren Buffett, the greatest stock market investor in the world, said that if they closed the stock market for five years, it wouldn’t bother him. Why? Because the ups and downs of the market is noise to him. He doesn’t care about it. He invests in growing businesses, period.  Not the stock market.  The key?  To invest each month in fantastic stocks.  That’s why Warren Buffett’s investment horizon is 10 years to forever.

For example, when CEB, EDC, and FPH dropped almost 10 percent, that was noise. Peter Lynch, another legendary stock market guru,said: “The key to getting rich in stocks is not getting scared out of them.”

Out of the 10 companies we’re recommending, some companies are like eagles flying high today, such as ALI, MBT, BPI, NIKL. (We predict they’ll go higher.)
Some companies are horses that are galloping nicely, like CEB and SMPH.  Some companies are turtles crawling in the mud, like JGS, AP, EDC, and FPH. We believe that they’ll have their day to shine. We just don’t know when.  But all that is noise. They’re eagles, horses, and turtles now. In the future, they might be exchanging places.  So if you have the money, invest in all of them. Or buy five this month and buy the other five next month.
If your investible funds each month are smaller, then buy two or three different companies each month.
Which should you buy now?
If you’ve been doing SAM for some time, I suggest you buy some or all of our new recommended companies: BPI, NIKL, JGS, and SMPH.
My other suggestion? Block out the noise.
Remember:  Becoming wealthy is simpler than you think.

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

5 thoughts on “Stocks Update: Give a Warm Welcome to Four Fantastic Companies”

    1. “thanks. What do you do if the market price reaches the Target Price, in SAM, sell ba talaga ? Then invest into other “stocks”.

    2. it depends. ‘pag may new target price, pwedeng continuous pa din yung invest until ma-hit ulit yung new target price or sell lahat or just half then invest din sa ibang stocks na mababa pa.

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